Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a Week!!!

It's been a rough one! 

We are getting ready to move our office, so things have been chaotic there.  Since I am a nobody (and I like it that way!) I have a cubicle at work.  There is only so much crap that can go in one of those 8 x8 spaces.  But me being me - I managed to cram all that I can in there.  My cubicle represents me and looks much like my home in that I have to have things I love all around me.  So I have the usual family pictures, but I also have cups, cans of water passed out during a flood a few years ago AND my prized rat collection (I have squeaky rats, talking rats and other kinds of rats).  They make great conversation pieces. (yes, I did say rats - remember I am in public health).  Normally, the cubicle doesn't look too bad.  But this past week - ugh!  I have boxes all over the place.  I have already brought home 2 boxes of personal stuff, but have more to bring before the big move on October 9th.

Sunday night I got a headache that has never gone away...yet.

Monday night I felt like I was getting the crud that is going around.  When I feel even the slightest tinge of a cold or something else - I take Nyquil. So I did. I slept great.  Though I think I snored ike never before.  I get sooooooo aggravated at myself for snoring.  It's not very ladylike and I just hate the thought that I make such noises.  I know I make other noises when I sleep, because I have woke myself up making noises but they are so strange I can't duplicate them when awake. 

Early, really early, Tuesday morning I got up to let my dog out. (Remember, it's early enough I am still hungover from the NyQuil).  I went upstairs to let her out and I do this most every night and I know how many steps there are between the bedroom and upstairs.  Well, I got up to the top and took one last step.  One that wasn't there - at all.  Yep - I stepped right into the air.  I realized it as my foot was on it's way back down to a step that wasn't there.  I fell flat on my face!!  Well almost I was flat on my face after I landed square on my dog and she shimmied out from under me.  *Then* I was literally flat on my face.  I laid there for a few moments and then I shook each limb one by one to see if anything was hurt.  Nothing seemed to be.  So the dog went out and I returned to bed and to snoring.  I did twist my knee a little.

At the regular time I woke up with a twisted knee and a NyQuil hangover AND a headache.  I dragged myself into work and managed to get through the day.  But when I got home I couldn't keep my eyes open.  Everytime I sat down - I snoozed.  Thus, no Blog on Wednesday - I was sleeping through it.

The good news is - I think I fended off the cold or whatever (this time)!  The bad news is - I STILL have this damn headache!!!


Julie said...

Oh you poor girl. Watch out for the headache, that's how my cold started!!!!! Hope you feel better.

Hey, still gotta get us a date on the calendar!!!!!