Thursday, December 3, 2009


Even though I am tired of the whole TigerWoods thing already - I can't stand it -I have to offer an opinion.  Our local paper sends emails out occasionally when something big happens.  Yesterday they felt compelled to send out a "breaking news" e-mail to announce Tiger's one sentance comment about his situation.  One stinking sentance!!  It  said something to the effect that he was sorry his transgressions hurt his family.  Did I really need a breaking  news bulletin on that??  I'm thinkin' not!  I'm not really interested in all the fine details of his trysts.  I say it's bullshit anyway.  If he truly sorry was he wouldn't have done it in the first place.  What he's sorry about is that he got caught.  Did he really think that it could go on forever  You can't be fucking around with.... not one... not two...but possibly THREE other women and it not be discovered. For Christ sake, Tiger, you've only been married for 5 years!!  I hate it that we tend to put famous people up on such high pedestals and then are so upset when they fall off.  And they usually do!  We are all human and no one is perfect (I'm certainly not). They have all the money and fame anyone could ever want, yet they do the dumbest things.  If you are going to be in the public eye - don't be a MORON!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I second that sister!!

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Don't get me started on cheating husbands. I have *way* too much experience with the subject!