Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Love My Naills!

While I'm not the prissy type to always look like I just stepped off the  runway, I work ina field where I am out in the mud (or worse) sometimes.  But, I do try to do the best with what I have most of the time.  I'm not very high maintanence. However, since I was a young girl I have always loved pretty finger nails. Before you could buy a wide range of colors, my friends and I used to put past food coloring in white polish and make our own bold colors. Once I made a green that my mom said looked like mold. But I digress... There are 2 things I refuse to do without - my hair dresser and my nail tech. For many years now I have fallen slave to the nail technician I have always gone every 2 to 3 weeksto keep my nails looking nice. And I love slut RED nail polish - I figure if I am gonna pay all that money - I want them noticed!! I found a nail tech, DJ, that I love, she gets me and we have lots of things in common. She has turned into a good friend. DJ has been going through all sorts of issues. So imagine my panic reaction when she announced earlier this summer that she was going to leave the shop she was doing nails in and get a fulltime job. But the good news was - she really wanted to keep doing my nails. So, for the past several momnths I have been living the lyfestyle of the rich and famous - my nail tech comes to my house to do my nails. About a month ago she got a new job, but it was going to require her to work 3rd shift. Not good - that's not an easy shift to adapt to. But while I was waiting for her to adjust to her new work hours my nails were becoming a disaster. I can do a certain amount ofrepair work myself - but they were going beyond my abilities. So, here's how desparate I was and how crazy the two of us are... Since evenings are hard for her because she is so tired, we decided how about she come when she gets off work - at 6:45am!!!!! Yup, when I want something bad enough I am willing to do anything. So yesterday morning I dragged my ass out of bed at 6am (anyone who knows me very well knows I am NOT much of a morning person - I HATE to get up). I showered and got dressed (so I wouldn't mess my nails up). I made strong coffee and I got my nails done before I went to work. We decided it wasn't so bad - it was kinda fun. And I felt great going to work because my nails looked good again.


Stinkypaw said...

They do look good, I'm not sure I'd get up at 6 am to get my nails done though.

Julie said...