Thursday, October 22, 2009

Be Good...

Sometimes we forget this:

Be Good to Yourself

Who's one of the most important people you know?
You are. That's who…
So be good to yourself.
Come alive to all the happy things there are.
Do something for yourself every day…
Something you really enjoy.
Make your own kind of music…
After all, you know best what means the most to you.
Say what you think.
People nice as you should be seen and heard, too often.
Don't keep your worries to yourself - let a friend in on them.
Is there something you're always meant to try?
Now's the time to try it.
Is there something you've always wanted to buy?
Be impractical - buy it.
Spread joy wherever you can…
But be sure to keep some for yourself.
And when love comes along, welcome it and never let it go.
Let the sunshine in each morning…
Let the starlight in each night…
You're a very special person - so be good to yourself.

Author Unknown