Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last Week was Some Week...

Whew and I am glad it is over!!  I had a headache that lasted the whole friggin' week!  Last Monday evening I kind felt like something might be coming on, so I took NyQuil trying to fend it off.  I spent Tuesday with a NyQuil hangover and Tuesday evening I napped at every opportunity.  Wednesday and Thursday were average.  Thursday I still had the damn headache and needed relief.  When I got home from work I made a trip to the pharmacy see what I could find to make it stop.  I came home with a bag of Tylenol, Head-On and Tylenol Severe Cold.  Well I took some good old Tylenol - it didn't help.  I thought that Head-On stuff that the advertise would be something of a miracle.  They make the same stuff for sore joints that you glide on your skin.  Turns out that the Head-On stuff was just the joint stuff only in a smaller tube.  It only heated up my temple and forehead.  Yeah - that was helpful. 

So, by then my cheek was hurting a little - giving me the hint that maybe the headache had something to do with my sinuses.  So thank goodness I bought the Tylenol Cold stuff too.  I took some of that before I went to bed.  Well during the night someone turned a faucet on in my head!  I blew and blew during the night til I finally had to get up so I wouldn't wake anyone else up and sit in the chair upstairs.  When I woke up in the morning I still had Niagara falls in my head.  I felt like shit at work all day - but plugged through because we are getting ready to move our offices. 

But when I came home Friday - I took some NyQuil and was soon fast asleep.  i was determined that I wasn't going to get really sick.  So I stayed liquored-up on NyQuil all weekend and managed to sleep my way through health disaster.  Whew!!  I got up this morning was my usual chipper self!


My Aimless Infatuation said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better,Doesn't it seem that the odds would give everyone a good week every now and then? I'm wondering!