Friday, October 23, 2009

New Digs!!

Have I ever mentioned that I HATE moving?  I'm pretty sure that I have somewhere along the line.

I have whined for several weeks now that we were moving offices.  Well last Friday was M-day!!!!  And much to my surprise it wasn't all that bad.  There were professional movers who moved everything for us.  All we had to do was have our items for them boxed up, slap a sticker on it and they took it to the appropriate place.  All in all I think it went pretty smoothly.  Prior to the move we purged files and got rid of a lot of crap that we no longer needed.  So it lightened the load a bit.   As far as I know everything that was supposed to come over did and most of us have our individual cubies unpacked, as well as our common shared areas.  I left last Friday with my computer and phone still disconnected.  But when I came back in on Monday; *poof*; it was all back up and working.  Though I *still* haven't figured out how to connect to a network printer.  But that's a minor problem for the moment.  Needless to say I am pretty happy in our new office - it's clean and everything is new (it's all been renovated).  The funniest thing for me about all of this is that the building and the floor we are on (even the area) is the exact place we were located when I first started here 20 years ago.  Needless to say the next time they move - it will be without me!  :-)

Here is my old cubie (but remember this was about 3 days before the actual move - I was still sorting):

And here is my new one!  I have vowed not to junk it up.


My Aimless Infatuation said...

I love it,so cozy. Was it kind of like going home again? Do you feel 20 years younger? Have a great weekend,glad the moving is over.

Julie said...

You hate moving? Gee, I'd have never known that. You hide it so well. LOL

New cubie looks great!

So am I going to see you next week?