Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Nosey Neighbors!!!

Does this look like a junk car to you?

Me either!  But apparently to my nosey neighbors it is.  Granted, it's not the newest car (it's my old-new car I mentioned a couple weeks ago) in the world - but junk!?!?!  Now, I'll have to go and enroll it in car counseling, it's poor little car ego has been damaged.

Yesterday was a day off for me - I work for the government and it was Columbus Day.  As my favorite guy and I were enjoying a weekend breakfast before he had to depart for work, we saw the Police Impound Unit come into our neighborhood.  We live in a pretty nice neighborhood, so it's rare to see them.  He pulled across the street from where the car is parked and sat for a while.  Then he backed up.  I went out (in my pink fuzzy bathrobe noless) to see where he had gone- and he was talking to my neighbor!!!!! So, I went back in and waited for him to either come back or leave.  He came back and sat and looked at my car again.  Known for my meek, mild nature (yeah, right) I flew out the door and across the street (still in my pink fuzzy bathrobe) and asked the cop if there was a problem.  He informed me that there was.  And I asked him why the nosey neighbors didn't come and tell me - why did they have to call the police.  The pink fuzz on the back of my bathrobe must have been standing up, as he told me to calm down and he would explain it.

Well, it's a city ordinance that a car can't continuously sit on the street for longer than 72 hours. And mine has been sitting there longer.  Since we have had it back we have been driving it on Saturdays. He claimed there had been lots of complaints about it.  I must say I'm not surprised - one neighbor did ask me if it was mine.  She said that "someone" (meaning they had been gossiping about it) had said it might be stolen.  Then she informed me that I might want to move it, as the tags were expired (and they aren't).  I wish if these damn people were going to help me mind my business they would at least get the facts correct. Or mind their own damn business! 

Well, now I understand that the car has to be moved every 3 days (I didn't know what the time limit was before) and I understand that I have a bunch of nosey neighbors who would rather call the police than come talk to me (I haven't bitten a neighbor here yet). So, they'll get what they ask for. 

I did have all this room to park the car in front of my house to park and keep the car out of everyone's way.  But that doesn't seem to be good enough. 

I will be a good law abiding citizen and move the car every 72 hours. I was trying to keep it back out of everyone's way.  But, gee, I can't do that anymore, so I guess it will have to be parked in various places, so the impound guy has no doubt that it was moved.  Wonder how the lady that was talking to the impound guy will like it parked in front of her house?  Because that's where it's going to go for the first 72 hours. If she doesn't like that I think I'll park it in the side yard - that's always a neighbor pleaser.

I can't wait to go fuck chat with the neighbors and make sure I am doing everything I can to make their little lives happy.


My Aimless Infatuation said...

Maybe you should wait until around 3a.m. to move it and make sure you do alot of light flashing and tire squealing in the process. People are crazy. God forbid you are sick for a week and can't get out of bed to move the car. I guess I would be watching their cars very closely........keep the number to the impound handy.

Julie said...

I have an entire 2nd garage in my back yard if you want to park it there. LOL

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog via My AImless Infatuations blog...

Here's a solution for your car "problems" or is it more a "neighbor problem"...one of my brothers had a very similar dilemma with his across the street neighbor. He solved the problem by parking his car in his driveway.


Nothing in the covenants saying you couldn't.

Totally pissed off the neighbor.

Ain't it great.