Monday, January 11, 2010


Winter has arrived in Central Ohio!  The latter part of last week brought the area about 3 inches of snow and bone chilling temperatures.  I have lived in Ohio my entire life so I am used to the weather. I can't really say I dislike the snow either.  If I did, then I would simply move somewhere that it didn't snow.  But I have 4 wheel drive and can do pretty well in bad weather- it's just the other idiots who can't drive that worry me.  The snow we got was really quite pretty - it was light and fluffy and made everything sparkle.  It looks like glitter was sprinkled everywhere.  I was out on Saturday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be  - it was about 25 degrees and sunny.  On Sunday, it only got to about 16 degrees and was cloudy most of the day.  C had to work on Sunday, so I build a big ole fire in the fire place and stayed in my jammies all day long. Sometimes you just need days like that.

This is our neighborhood looking off the back deck.

This is a stump in the back yard.  I think it looks kind of cool in the winter all covered with snow.

And our bushes in the front of the house.

Poor little lawn ornament is almost covered.

Even after a couple days the snow still looks pretty.

But the cats had the right idea.  AJ took full advantage of the fire and got up in the rocker beside it and kept warm.

But Harley takes after his mommy!  He didn't bother to even get up today - he just made a little nest in bed and spent his day there.  He's a spoiled kitty - I turn on the warming blanket for him, so he could be nice and toasty.

Stay warm this week!!


Julie said...

I think it's funny that all our friends down south are experiencing what we do all the time! LOL