Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does this qualify as a project?

Ok, at the beginning of the year (or last week) I said that one of my goals this year was to complete at least one project every month.  I think I qualified that by also saying that it didn't need to be a big project just that I *complete* something. 

I have so many unfinished projects and so many things I want to start or lots of things that I could do.  The first things that jump into my mind are the many jewelry projects that I *could* make.  Remember the pile of jewelry making supplies that I showed you a couple months ago?  Well, let's just say that Mt. Bling hasn't gotten any smaller. There are LOTS of things in that pile that I could make. 

There are also the unfinished quilting projects...  My upstairs bathroom is decorated with outhouses.  A couple years ago MA and I made outhouse wallhangings.  They are quite pretty and very unique.  Needlesstosay mine is not finished - it's in a bag waiting it's turn.  And the wall in the bathroom is naked, holding its spot for the outhouse quilt.  I also started a wallhanging of a black lab for C for his birthday a couple years ago.  It is very nice too and would fit well into the decor in our family room.  It, too, is waiting to be quilted. Finally, in the pile of "started but not finished" projects you'll fine my mystery quilt.  MA and I worked on that about a month ago.  I found out I more of an artsy quilter and not very precision oriented (I knew that - but the quilt confirmed it for sure).  My quilt quickly became the "stitchingly challenged" quilt - I call it something else but it's not very pollitically correct.  I am still working to salvage that quilt and I will, it's just gonna take some a huge amount of time and patience (I don't have much of those).  Oh, and I almost forgot I have a Halloween wall hanging I started 2 years ago to finish - like the others, it needs quilted - but I have 10 months until Halloween rolls around again.

It was cold over this past weekend, so Sunday I stayed in all day.  I went into my craft room (I love it that my house is big enough that I actually have a *room* dedicated to all my craft stuff and that it's not strung throughout the house all the time).  When we moved into this house C bought a REALLY NICE craft table for me - it has a large working surface, it's high so it's nice to stand and work at or easy to walk around AND it has cubby holes on either side for storage.  But I digress...

The craft table is GREAT.. except for one problem....  I couldn't find the top of it!!!  That room was "gift central" over the holidays, so wrapping paper and other gift crap was all over the place.  A shopping trip is never complete for me, unless I buy something to add to my crafting stash.  So the goods from several shopping trips was also piled in that room - on the craft table, on the bed, AND on the floor in front of the closet.  It was beginning to wear on me because when you walk down the hallway for anything else, you stare straight into that room and see the mayhem.  So Sunday I set to cleaning up the mess.  I got the gift supplies all put away.  I picked up all the bags from off the floor and went through them (I found several things I forgot I had even bought - I don't buy things because I need them - I buy them because I might have a whim some day to make something and need a specific item - I want it on hand! - I think there is a term for my brand of preparedness - OCD!).  I put all the jewelry items with the jewelry stuff, clay items with clay stuff, and sewing items in their rightful place.  Then I threw out all the remaining trash!  What a difference.  The top of the table is cleared off, so now I can work at it.  The bed is cleaned off - if anyone wants to come visit - we have a place for you to sleep!  AND it looks very nice coming down the hallway! 

So, can I count that as a completed project??? I'm going to - I'll count it as prep time! LOL Here's the before and after pictures:

See - I did good - I think this could be counted as a project!!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That is DEFINITELY a come over to my house and do mine.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Good job,makes me want to come and help on the other projects.

Stinkypaw said...

Nicely done, great oriject indeed!

MA Fat Woman said...

I love that table and yes it counts as a completd project!