Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mom

1939 - 1991
Today, my mom would have been 71 years old.  But, sadly, she passed away in 1991 when she was 52.  She was a great mother!  She went through a nasty divorce, but came through it a strong amazing woman. There was nothing she wouldn't try to do.  She used to have this big ole refridgerator with the freezer in the bottom (at the time it was very unique) the fan would go out of it from time to time and she had it replaced several times.  One time it went out and I came home one day to find the drawer out of the freezer and find my mother completely up inside it replacing the fan herself. In 1979 she married a college professor (one MY professors) and he treated her like a queen.  She wanted for nothing the rest of her life.  She was always fascinated with California.  Low and behold, her new mother-in-law lived in California, so she got to visit there many times.    Unfortunately. she died (kind of) unexpectedly of heart failure.  She had issues with rheumatoid arthritis for years, then suffered kidney failure and under went a couple years of kidney dialysis, followed by a kidney transplant, that was followed by a broken hip and subsequent hip replacement.   We all thought that the worst of everything was over and she was on the mend.  But her heart just couldn't handle the stress anymore and it quit.  I just wish I had more time with her.  I would like for her to see how I turned out (she put some hard work into me) - I hope she would be thrilled how life turned out for me and be proud of me. 

Did I say she was a great mom? LOL  She was a great role model and a good friend. I think about her everyday and I miss her everyday.


Julie said...

Aw, I had no idea your Mom and Linda had the same birthday. That picture of her looks just like I remember her. Sending you big hugs today, and hoping your Mom and Linda are hanging out together, talking smack about us. LOL Love you, hon.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

Such a pretty Lady your Mom. I'm sure she knows and is very proud of you. I miss my Mom too.

viviana said...

What a coincidence !! I just realized that you have a blog and it's Mom's birthday today. I'll always remember her as my real mom. So proud of her, because she had to receive this stranger when she was suffering a lot. So happy because the second time I saw her, her life had changed and she was a happy woman with Harry.
Dear Mom, you´ll be in my heart for ever.

LeeAnn said...

Vivi - I'm glad you found my blog and hope you visit often! What a coincidence. You don't know how much your being with us actualy helped Mom when things were so difficult for her. She loved you very much and having met you (and later your mom & Rafael) was truly a highlight in her life. (The picture of her here she has on a pendant that you gave to her - she aways wore it)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

LeeAnn, your post touched me so. Today(the 8th)is my mom's birthday and I was able to pick up the phone and wish her a happy birthday. Thank you for helping me to realize how fortunate I am. So sorry you could not have done the same. It is so nice of you to leave the comment on our blog so that I could find you! It's very nice to meet you! I will be back! Have a nice weekend. Twyla