Monday, September 21, 2009

The first step is admitting it...

Hello!  My name is LeeAnn and I am a hoarder. (OK whew! Got that off my chest) 

If my background doesn't give it away, my profile certainly does.  I am a creative type person and I love crafts.  I love to shop and I spend my money on clothes (a topic for another day) and my craft habit. 

I owe my creativity to being an only child.  Since I didn't have brothers and sisters to harass play with when I was younger I had to learn to entertain myself when my friends weren't available.   So I learned to sew, draw, paint and do a myriad of other things.  I was always spending my allowance on fabric and drawing books whenever I had the chance. 

One of my BFFs and I get together periodically to quilt.  She knows how I am about crafts.  So she's always showing off these necklaces and earrings she has been making.  Then she made me a cute bracelet for Christmas.  She knows how I am about jewelry too (dangit Mary Ann!!)  So, she tells me how easy the things she had made were and that I should get into it - I would enjoy jewelry making. What she didn't know is how obsessive I really am (though the 5 bags of fat quarters should have clued her in).  To make matters worse my VBFF also was starting some jewelry projects (but hse is always much more motivated than I am and actually finishes stuff).

Well I love crafts and I REALLY love jewelry.  So it seemed like a natural progression. I decided to dive into jewelry making. But in my obsessive little mind I think that I have to have everything that I might ever need and have it on hand - just in case I have a brain storm and want to make something in particular.  I can just go to my supplies and find everything I need.

So every chance I get I buy beads, findings and other jewelry supplies.  I go on vacation, I seek out the bead stores and buy beads.  Everytime I make a trip to JoAnn Fabrics for something I have to look at the beads and buy beads. To make it easier to deal with all these beads I have been trying to organize this stuff, because in order to make things, you have to know what you have and where to find it.  After all summer of organizing and drafting my VBFF to help organize when she was visiting (Susan I know you are out there - THANKS!!) I STILL don't have these damn beads organized and put away.

So I threw them all in a pile the other day, just to see what it looked like.  Mt. Bling!!! This is what it looks like.  

I would hate to think how much $$$ is in that pile!  Not to mention all the really lovely pieces I would have if I actualy did something with this stuff.

In the 3ish years that I have been buying jewelry supplies here is what I have actually made:

So, I have come to the conclusion that I am a hoarder - I like to buy beads and collect them - but I don't actually do much with them. They sure are pretty though!


Julie said...

Ahahahahahahahaha....all those materials and you've only made those things? Killing me. Just killing me.

I need some OSU earrings. Oh, and a bracelet. Have at it, sister.

Tians.sis said...

Start now on your jewelry making and give them for christmas presents.......Then you will have all the money you would have spent on christmas to go to the thrift stores.....see,kills 2 birds with one

LeeAnn said...

hmmmm.. good point, Tians - I like the way this girl thinks!!

Julie - would you want blingy or not?