Friday, September 25, 2009

New Old Car

Or old, new car. Hell, I dunno. But what I do know is that I have another car in front of my house and I think that I own it.

Well here is the whole story... One of my friends at work recently fell on some hard times... When he needed someone to keep his beloved dog because of a nasty divorce - we took in the dog (for over a year) and when he needed a car, during this time I loaned him one of mine. So when he was having some major issues with his car - I loaned him one of mine again. That was 2 years ago!!!!

I am a SUV kinda gal now and usually drive a Jeep. But I also have a 1998 Pontiac Grand AM that I bought new. It's now paid for and in excellent condition, so I keep it around - just in case.

My friend and his wife only have 2 cars.  His was having some major problems. So when he came to me and asked if he could borrow my car, I didn't hesitate to help out.  He was looking for another car.  He told me once he found a car and had it checked out I'd get mine back. He did find a car - but ya'd just have to know this guy... He wanted to have his "new" car checked out, drive it a while, make sure it was OK.  That process took a good six months.  THEN, my car blew a head gasket - not a good thing to have happen to a car!!  My friend has a friend that is a decent mechanic so he talked to him about fixing the car.  Problem was by then the weather ws getting cold and the mechanic can't do a lot in the cold weather because his garage isn't heated.  Early spring comes - still no car.  Now the mechanic is in Florida, because over the winter he go laid off from his real job, he can't work in his own garage because it is too cold.  So finally in July the weather must have warmed up enough, the mechanic came home and my car was towed to the mechanic.  The mechanic only works nights and weekends because he does have a real job (which he'd been called back to). Along the way I got progress reports and just knew I'd get my car back soon.  Finally about 3 weeks ago - I got news that my car was done and back in my friend's possession. But now he wanted to clean it up before he returned it.  So this past Friday night was the night!!!  I was sooooo excited - now we'd finally have a spare car.  My friend returned my car and I must say I think it came back in  better condition than it left.  He replaced the head gasket, the serpentine belt, the battery, a tire, a sensor of some sort, replaced the transmission fluid, all of the coolant, windshield washer fluid, vacuumed it, cleaned out the trash, gathered up all the change I had spilled all over AND washed it!!!!! Wow!

Wonder if he wants to borrow my Jeep for a while?


Julie said...

LOL. So when I have to turn my 300 in and end up with a lag time between the lease turn in and figuring out what to buy next, I'll be over to borrow something temporarily....for a year. :)