Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend Yard Sales

Why do we have such an affinity for other peoples junk???????

OK, maybe it's just me!  I love yard sales, flea markets, tag sales, thrift stores, and "antique stores".  Anywhere you might find someone else's used junk for sale - I am so there.

Our routine most weekends, is to get up on Saturday morning, go to Waffle House for breakfast and then begin to seek out yard sales.  Nothing better than doling out hard earned money for something someone else was getting rid of.  We do get some items that are just too good (and are cheap) to resell on eBay.  Hey - if the original owner is too lazy or too dumb to utilize eBay - I'm certainly not too proud to invest a little time and effort (it pays for those trips to Waffle House and then some).

Admittedly I do keep my fair share of stuff. Never mind that we moved last year and I donated at least 5 truckloads of shit miscellaneous to the Kidney Foundation.  I got rid of all that stuff - now I need some new!!  And who can pass up a bargin??? 

A few weeks ago we went to a yard sale where they had clothes - lots of yard sales have clothes, you say - yeah but these were nice plus-sized clothes (and sometimes they are hard to find).  I ran over to the line where the textile treasures were hanging, I was almost giddy, and sorted through them and  began yanking items off the hangers as if I had won a shopping spree at Saks.  I wound up with 4 tops and a pair of pants.  As I carried my trophies away - I kept muttering about the good deal.  And everytime I wear one of the items I can't resist telling whoever will listen - I got this at a yard sale - I paid $0.50 for it!!!

Now, sometimes we don't do so good.  Last Saturday we hunted around at some yard sales and came up empty handed.  We had all but given up and went to run the other errands that we had to do.  We were on our way home, late in the afternoon, and we spotted a church that had table set up outside - Yes there is a God!! and He brought us to a sale at one of His houses.  We shopped like that was the last sale of the season.  Here is a picture of our bounty:

It is September and soon it will be too cold for yard sales.  But we have our contingency plan in place:  We hit the Thrift Store circuit!!


Tians.sis said...

OMG! We are living the same life! I have an addiction for this(or so I'm told).My problem is that I only have one friend that I can ever talk into going with me, if we lived closer I'd be waiting at the waffle house,enjoy!

Susan in Parma said...

Good job girlfriend.
Since you post at 6:30 am we are now on the same time schedule.
You had told me about the kitty baths, but the pictures really do it justice.

Julie said...

Ahahahahahahaha....that's hilarious. I can't believe I didn't know this about you.

I'm looking for a leaf blower, if you happen to find one grab it for me, will ya?