Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet the Kitties!

Something you will learn quickly about me is that I really like love cats!  Real cats, pictures of cats, figurines of cats, basically all things feline.  We are fortunate (to hear them tell it) enough to live here with 3 of the little furry critters.

We have:

AJ - He is a sweet 11 year old tabby. His mom was a persian, so he has semi-long hair.  He is every bit a cat, but is the only cat I have ever owned who truly acts like it loves me.  He follows me around and he sleeps by my pillow every night.  He is always willing to assist with whatever I am doing.  As a matter of fact he is the Chief Supervisor on this Blog project!
Barney - Originally, his name was Bad-ass Barney when he was a kitten because he seemed fearless.  But his name morphed into Barney Boo because he is scared of everthing.  Only thing we can figure is that is he so gorgeous that he is afraid someone will catnap him so he is just a big coward about everything.  Barney is a full-bred silver chinchilla persian and has beautiful, long silky fur. 
Harley - He is a big orange tabby and though he is the youngest of the bunch he pretty much bullies the others around.  He is the typical alley cat! He was rescued from an alley behind the local Post Office when he was about 5 weeks old. Though he would not want the cat union to know about it - he acts like he is truly greatful to have been given a home and taken in from the alley.
I had a really long weekend over Labor Day, taking extra time off work to do some things I that I wanted to do.  One of those chores was giving all 3 of the cats a bath.  Yes! Cats do need an occasional bath - they smell like cat food and their fur gets all separated looking.  So they went from what you see above to this: 
Harley - after he came out of hiding - he yelled - nnnnnnnnooooooooooooo! through the whole bath procedure.
And YES - that thing that makes its way around the internet about giving a cat a bath is all true!!!


Tians.sis said...

How beautiful your babies are. What would we do without our furrychildren? I have never saw the "thing" about bathing a cat. Maybe you can post it sometime.I have dogs now but have had many cats in the past,so I know about royalty.Have a good one!

Julie said...

Ahahahahahahah....the bath pictures are hilarious!